Brittany is rich by its 2700km of coast. No matter from where comes the wind or the swell, if it is light or powerful, there is always somewhere to surf.  Whatever the tide, you will find a sand bar adapted to your level of surfing.  Brittany is the perfect place to begin and to progress. Beginners will find long, mellow and small waves and experts will appreciate our point breaks. The families will find lot of spots with beautiful beaches where parents and teens could surf, and kids could play in the sand or in natural little swimming pools. 

You will like The Crozon peninsula it is a fabulous and preserved place with beautiful rocky headland between long beaches of golden sand. This peninsula is one of the best destination of Brittany where you can find lot of well-known spot and where you can find some secret’s one.

La Torche point is where the surf started in Brittany. You will find there, the more consistency and legendary surf’s area.

At least, Quiberon’s bay is a concentration of some of the best spots in Brittany, with some hollow and powerful waves.

Brittany is also out of tracks, surrounded by nature and full of cultural surprises: gastronomy, music and art. Come to visit while is not overcrowded yet !

Today there are over 2.5 million surfers across Europe. You can ride Spanish point breaks as perfect and machine-like as Malibu in California, you can charge thundering Scottish reefs as cylindrical and blue as those of the legendary Pipeline on Hawaii's North Shore, or risk life and limb on the 50ft monsters that rear up out of the depths off Ireland's Atlantic fringe.


Independent, 25 july 2008.